Janet Key is a Soulful money coach who helps intuitive entrepreneurs on the journey to access inner abundance through clearing unconscious emotional money wounds, beliefs, and patterns. From Physical money management, intuitive chakra healing to emotional mastery, Janet provides step by step process to achieve alignment in your money relationship.



Ann Hession helps healers and soulpreneurs who are “allergic” to sales, so they can create a thriving business and make the difference they are here to make in the world. Instead of trying to force their soul-led and heart-centered selves into business models and practices that just don’t
work for them, Ann shows them there’s another path that works for healers.



Zandra creates distinctive presentations specifically for each client’s varied corporate events by using a proven method of integrating customized consultative comedy with inspirational messages designed to raise morale, encourage teamwork, and optimize personal performance by positively addressing corporate frustrations and daily challenges.


Our Speakers!

Christie Wengranowski - Flying Horse Design Studio
Cheryl Whitelaw - Peace and Power Movement Services
Cheryl Whitelaw - Peace and Power Movement Services
Christine Campbell Rapin - Clear Acceleration Inc.
James Lam - Look Ahead Marketing
Michelle Greenwell - Dance Debut