Business effects everything in our daily lives. It has as much (maybe more)
impact as our governments – and we get a vote!
Understanding that impact, and how important good, thoughtful business practices are
is a message we feel is important, and clearly, you do too.

Be the face of an event that celebrates business excellence!

Our Powered By Sponsorship package goes beyond simply promoting your company,
we highlight your business’ values and create brand loyalty
by building an emotional connection to you.

How much of your current marketing is doing that?

Let’s elevate your brand by creating a bond with your customers while making a positive impact in the world.

Becoming THE Powered By Sponsor is easy…

Choose the sponsorship package that aligns with your vision. You can also Book a call so we can support you every step of the way.

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After securing your package, complete a brief form with your business details. Anticipate a follow-up for a quick 30-minute meeting, where we’ll discuss the specifics of your sponsorship and gain insights into your business.

Enjoy a specialized marketing campaign designed to emotionally connect you with your customers and feel great knowing your leading the way to help make business a force for good.

There is only 1 Powered By sponsorship

$8,997 - be the face of the event!

See all the benefits of becoming THE Powered By Sponsor

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You are also an Awards Sponsor!

Receive all the benefits of promotion

A $1500 value!

  • Business name engraved on the award
  • 1 Captivating social media interview (on top of your 5!)
  • Company logo on award assets for all award phases, nomination, voting, awards ceremony, and post celebration – especially geared to the award you are sponsoring!
  • Opportunity to present the award during the awards ceremony – you get to “open the envelope”
  • Direct link to your website to boost your SEO – having link backs to your site helps your searchability on line. And what a fantastic event to be associated with – you are a champion of great business!

All the benefits of your own design team

Social Media Posts designed for your business for the entire campaign
  • Social posts designed for every stage of the campaign
  • Show yourself as a champion of business excellence
  • Build goodwill with your audience

Engage your audience with 5 video interviews

Let us make you the hero to your clients - interviews that show your businesses heart!
  • A video interview of your business for each stage of the awards campaign
  • Showing your business as a champion of business excellence
  • Videos that you can share everywhere

A Special Sponsor Highlight at the Awards Gala

A pre-recorded video or slideshow that shows how you helped bring this event together
  • This highlight will reach all audience members, as well as those who watch the post event recording.
  • A special spotlight that shows you as a thought leader in business

Your logo everywhere

Your logo on the the website, and all the digital assets that go out for promotion.
  • Creating brand awareness for you
  • Your brand being associated with exceptional business practices and fantastic businesses

The advantage of backlinks in SEO

Help your website gain some great SEO points with Google (and other search engines)

Having links on our site to yours are doing a few things to help your website’s ability to be searched by:

  • Improving your ranking on google (help get yourself to the first page!)
  • Boost your credibility 
  • Help Google (or other search engines) find new pages via different key word search. 
  • Send referral traffic to your site

Post Event the benefits continue!

Follow up materials for that year will have your logo, and where applicable, linking back to your website.
  • It doesn’t just stop at the end of the over 5 month campaign
  • Post event graphics
  • Past event page, with write up about your time with us for that year’s awards

Before the Awards Gala, we have a special Nominees Event

Where you will be highlighted in a spotlight
  • A special Pre-Award Event that celebrates the nominees, for networking
  • Attend this event and get to know the nominees
  • Your business will have a special spotlight, so all the nominees can get to know your business’s heart

You are Pre-Game on Awards night

As people wait to get into the Awards Gala, a Waiting Room Reel will be sharing with our participants how amazing your business is
  • Another great touch point showcasing your business
  • The excitement from the awards helps elevate your business

4 tickets to the Awards Gala

Your ticket + 3 additional tickets to the Awards Gala

Sit down in your conference room with your staff and enjoy the night together, and maybe give your other tickets away to clients of yours! They’ll get to see you being a champion of great business. 

And who doesn’t want to do business with a champion?

$8,997 - so many benefits of sponsorship!

It’s easy to become THE Powered By Sponsor, just complete the form below and the next step of payment and we’ll get started!
We can’t wait to work with you!