It takes a Village but it starts with
the actions of a few

We are so excited to and filled with a wonderful hope that you too see the value in celebrating businesses that are doing things to help make the world a better place.

The world is full of businesses that put profit above all else.

We believe that by showcasing exceptional businesses that balance profit, people, and the environment, we can create awareness and a desire for businesses to elevate their own practices.

Our awards are about building a better world through heart-centred businesses.

Join the movement – it’s all Heart.

The small but mighty team and why we love Business from the Heart Awards

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Jenny Ryce

My passion for this cause runs deep because I’ve witnessed the profound impact that businesses, driven by a genuine desire to create a better world, can have on communities, individuals, and the planet. It’s not about profit alone; it’s about purpose, about leaving a positive imprint on humanity.

In hosting this event, I am driven by a simple truth: when businesses prioritize heart-centred values, we all benefit. Our collective future depends on the choices we make today, and by showcasing and celebrating businesses that embody these values, we can catalyze a wave of positive change.

Together, we can redefine the purpose of business, fueling a force for the greater good. I invite you to join the movement.

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Rebecca MacLean

Everywhere I turn I see the impact of business. A lot of that impact is lousy. People in poor working conditions, trying to make lives on unlivable wages, or the complete disregard for our planet. Thankfully not everyone does business like that. 

When we were talking, dreaming, about what we wanted these awards to be, we talked about how great business practices can change the world – THE WORLD. Improving people’s quality of life, their mental health and physical lives. With more care, businesses could help heal the planet as well. 

It’s easy to be passionate about celebrating the people who are doing it right. And hopefully, by sharing these best practices we elevate the standards for doing business. 

Leader - Coach - InnovatorKind - Fun - Passionate

Rezie Lavarias

Over the past 2-3 years, I have witnessed Business from the Heart grow into the festivity that it is today. My commitment to service-oriented values drives my involvement in this passion project. With a genuine purpose, I believe that transformational leadership is worth recognizing.

This platform taught me to be more devoted to uplifting businesses that align with my core values while strengthening my own principles. It is both an honor and a privilege to contribute to an awards event that celebrates the profound impact of these businesses, as we collectively strive for a better, more compassionate community.

Can Business Change the World?

Yes, it can.

The Business from the Heart Award celebrates businesses and entrepreneurs  that blend compassion with impactful influence. Recognizing leaders who prioritize empathy, social responsibility, and sustainability, it inspires positive action, which encourages meaningful change.

From its humble beginnings as a conference and awards event, Business from the Heart has undergone a transformation in the last three years. It has evolved into a beacon of celebration, as it magnifies businesses that exemplify compassion, making the world a better place.

Being showcased at the Business from the Heart Awards empowers businesses to amplify their positive impact. It brings recognition, inspires others, attracts purpose-driven partnerships, and fosters a deeper connection with socially-conscious customers.